Playing any high school sport is challenging because athletes must split their focus and time between school and their sport. But high school wrestling is all the more difficult due to the strenuous workouts and weight maintenance required of players. 

Many underestimate just how hard high school wrestling is, as it’s challenging both physically and mentally. High school wrestlers must undergo strength and endurance training while preventing any weight fluctuation. Overall, they train body and mind to maintain physical and mental toughness. 

High school wrestling can be quite demanding, as it challenges a player’s physical and mental stamina. Keep reading to learn the answer to this commonly asked question: just how hard is high school wrestling?

Wrestlers Must Balance Stamina and Strength Training

High school wrestlers face the unique challenge of balancing high cardio and high-strength workouts. Most sports focus mainly on weights or cardio. And a few sports require you to excel at both. 

Indeed, wrestlers need to be physically strong to beat their opponent. However, they also need to have a lot of stamina to stay in a match. For this reason, wrestlers must do two completely different workouts.

This delicate balance of endurance and strength also affects wrestlers’ weight. Most stamina training involves a lot of cardio, which shreds fat and produces lean muscle. However, weight training usually builds bulk muscle. Wrestlers have to stay in a particular weight class to fight their opponents. So they can’t gain too much muscle mass or lose too much weight doing cardio. 

Wrestling Is One of the Most Physically Demanding Sports

Wrestling is direct combat with another person. Wrestlers must strategically try to pin their opponents while simultaneously releasing their opponent’s grasp. Wrestlers often leave bruised or scarred. The sport is also highly fatiguing, and wrestlers must overcome fatigue while fighting another person. But just how hard is high school wrestling?

For starters, wrestling matches can last up to six minutes at the high school level. During this time, wrestlers may get beat up, bruised, and banged around during matches. On top of it all, this typically occurs after the wrestlers have gone through an entire day of school. And the sport is noticeably draining by the end of a long day.

Wrestlers often get pinned to the ground and are unable to move. Staying pinned in a position for too long can be incredibly painful and lead to serious injury. Players may also get thrown to the ground and face various aches and pains.

Wrestlers Must Have Mental Endurance

Wrestling is as much a mental sport as it is physical. Although wrestlers must train their bodies, they also need to train their minds. Opponents must be mentally tough to stay in the game and   endure during a tough match. It can be tempting to give in and quit because of fatigue. But wrestlers must fight mentally to tap into their physical strength and stay in the match.

Wrestling differs from other fatiguing and demanding sports like football and basketball. In football and basketball, teams have multiple players who can trade in to fill a particular role. In wrestling, there aren’t any alternates. The players must last for the duration of the match. 

Wrestlers Must Maintain a Certain Weight

Another thing that makes high school wrestling so tricky is the process of “making weight.” Basically, this is making sure you stay in your weight class. Notably, keeping the same weight can be difficult for anyone, let alone a male high school athlete. 

To help accomplish this, high school wrestlers must maintain a proper diet. This often means bringing lunches and healthy food to school instead of eating convenient cafeteria food. It’s important for high school wrestlers to constantly observe what’s put into their bodies. 

Unfortunately, this means wrestlers may need to avoid snacking during the day to prevent weight fluctuation. For instance, when the entire class is eating someone’s birthday treats, many wrestlers can’t participate. Avoiding snacks can be difficult for high schoolers, especially when they see their whole class eating without them.

Final Thoughts

Now you have an answer if anyone asks you ‘just how hard is high school wrestling?’ High school wrestlers must be diligent in their training and their diet. They also face the unique challenges of balancing stamina and strength training as well as maintaining their weight class.