Like most sporting equipment, wrestling mats come in a variety of types, sizes, and styles. However, this also means they come with a wide range of prices. 

Wrestling mats cost as little as $500 and up to $8,000. The price of a wrestling mat is mainly dependent on mat type, size, and materials used. For example, a 10×10 in (25.4×25.4 cm) classic mat costs around $500. Yet a lightweight mat of this size costs $600, and competition mats $800. 

The first step in finding the perfect wrestling mat in your budget is knowing what you’re using it for. But what types and sizes are available, and how much do wrestling mats cost based on these factors?

Cost of Wrestling Mats According to Type, Use, and Size

In general, how much wrestling mats cost will depend on the type of mat. There are three main types of wrestling mats: classic mats, lightweight mats, and competition mats. 

Classic Wrestling Mats

Classic, or traditional wrestling mats, are the most popular. This is because they offer the most diversity in their use at a low price. A classic mat sized 10×10 in (25.4×25.4 cm) can start at $500 per mat. This price will increase according to the size of the mat. Still, classic mats are frequently the most cost-effective overall. 

While many use classic wrestling mats for training and competition, they don’t meet the regulation thickness for competition mats. Traditional mats are usually double-sided, weighing between .08-1.25 lbs. (0.04-0.57 kg) per square foot. 

Mats of this caliber are great for high schools, colleges, and gyms and can handle regular training and repeated use. Though, classic mats are difficult to store and take a long time to install and uninstall.

Lightweight Wrestling Mats

Lightweight mats begin at around $600, which isn’t much more than classic mats. However, their purpose is a bit different.

Lightweight or new style mats are best suited for home training and lighter training. The key to lightweight mats is flexibility. They’re built to fold or roll up after use, easy to store, and dramatically more compact than classic mats.  

A great lightweight mat is the 10×10 in (25.4×25.4 cm) Dollamur Wrestling Mat (available on Weighing around 20 lbs. (9.07 kg), it has the versatility of lightweight mats yet boasts competition quality manufacturing. The Dollamur has a perfect pairing of size, thickness, weight, and quality that meets a variety of purposes.

Competition Wrestling Mats

Competition mats, at 10×10 in (25.4×25.4 cm), can cost about $800. However, they’re rarely available in this size due to their market of collegiate programs and professional trainers. Official regulation size for competition mats is 42×42 in (106.68×106.68 cm), costing between $6,800 and $8,000. 

Additional Cost Considerations 

Beyond type and use, there are other costs to consider when purchasing a wrestling mat. In particular, prices will vary depending on the manufacturer, materials used, shock absorbency, and more.

Mat Materials 

Mats come in a variety of materials, typically dependent on the manufacturer and type of mat. For example, classic mats and competition mats have a foam core and require a two-week curing process for the coating. This process helps protect the material against odor and stains and allows the mat to expand fully.

Lightweight mats typically have a foam core and antimicrobial vinyl for coating. Both the final product and the manufacturing process are relatively cheaper for lightweight mats. Vinyl-coated lightweight mats will shrink approximately 2-3% over the first 12 months of use. Some manufacturers produce mats slightly larger than the requested size to account for shrinkage. However, it’s something to keep an eye on over extended use.

Mat Maintenance 

No matter how much care you put into your mat, wear and tear occurs over time. These associated costs could be fees for company repair or the cost of materials for DIY repairs. In general, long term repair costs are necessary to budget in for any mat. Tears, creases, or gouges can happen from regular use or an unexpected accident. 

Wrestling mats are strong but not indestructible. Maintaining your mats, whatever type you use, is essential for long-term, cost-effective use. Check for cracks in the coating, alternate the direction you fold or roll your mat, and store flat whenever possible. 

Mats should also be regularly sanitized and cleaned. This ensures the mat will last and serve its purpose as long as possible. Keep in mind, you must clean wrestling mats with a special mat cleaning solution. Be sure to check for any specifically recommended cleaning for your mat.

Shock Absorbency

All wrestling mats should meet the standards set by the NCAA for safety. Notably, this may impact how much wrestling mats cost. Regulations state the shock attenuation g-max rating is under 100 and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) score is under 1,000. 

Before buying a mat, ensure the mat meets all safety standards. While it may seem obvious, paying for quality to ensure safety is a price worth paying. Wrestling is a physical sport, and you shouldn’t compromise safety to save money.


Another potential cost to consider is the price of personalization. Depending on mat size and type, you can add customized images to suit your taste and style. Many schools and gyms have logos and mascots printed on their mats for training and competition. While this may seem most appropriate for schools or professional gyms, at-home gyms can also use a touch of flair. 

Final Thoughts

Wrestling mats cost anywhere between $500 to $8,000. Ultimately, this cost is dependent on your personal needs. Whether you’re looking for competition-quality mats or something that’ll work in your own home, a cost-effective wrestling mat exists for you.

Consider these needs to benefit long term and find the best wrestling mat for you.