Joe Rogan is the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world. On top of this, Joe Rogan is also a commentator on the UFC and a keen fighting fan. However, many people wonder whether Joe Rogan knows how to fight or is just a fan of the sport.

Joe Rogan knows Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Joe Rogan competed in Taekwondo from an early age. He also trained in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over a decade. As a result, Joe Rogan is a knowledgeable martial artist. 

Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of Joe Rogan’s expertise in fighting disciplines. We will explore the belts that he holds in various martial arts and other noteworthy achievements from his fighting career. By the end of this piece, you’ll know all about Joe’s fighting experience. 

Does Joe Rogan Have a Taekwondo Black Belt? 

Taekwondo, like many martial arts, gives students black belts once they have reached a certain level of expertise. Black belts are the highest trained practitioners and are considered experts in their martial art.

Joe Rogan has a Taekwondo black belt. Joe Rogan first started training Taekwondo at 15 years old. He went on to compete and win state championships in Taekwondo as a teenager. Joe Rogan achieved his black belt in Taekwondo within his first year of training. 

In Taekwondo, as in other martial arts, students reach different belts as they improve. They represent the ability and training a student has received. Stripes are added to belts to indicate further information regarding students’ learnings. It usually takes between 3 and 5 years for a student to attain a black belt in Taekwondo. However, some students can learn faster. 

Joe Rogan was the Massachusetts state champion in Taekwondo for four consecutive years. He is also a US open Grand Champion in this martial art. He won the lightweight US open championship and beat the middleweight and heavyweight titleholders. 

When Joe Rogan was only a blue belt in Taekwondo, his teacher entered him into the black belt category for competitions. This gave Joe an edge as he faced higher levels of opponents from the offset in his Taekwondo career. As a result of Rogan’s early start in Taekwondo, he went on to compete in over 100 Taekwondo fights. 

Does Joe Rogan Have a BJJ Blackbelt? 

Joe Rogan was an accomplished competitor in Taekwondo. But what about the other martial arts Joe Rogan practices? After all, it’s common for expert fighters to hold a high status in more than one martial art.

Joe Rogan has a BJJ black belt. He earned his black belt under Eddie Bravo, studying 10th planet Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Joe Rogan began training BJJ in 1996, and he did not achieve his black belt until 2012. It took him sixteen years to attain his black belt in BJJ. 

It takes a lot of time for someone to earn a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Especially when they learn the discipline from a high-level coach like Eddie Bravo, Joe’s trainer. 10th planet BJJ is a variety of Gracie BJJ created by the Gracie family in Brazil. 

Black belts in Jiu-Jitsu take longer than many other forms of martial arts. Students of BJJ may spend years of their lives stuck at a particular belt. This happened to Joe Rogan: he spent 8 years as a brown belt before progressing to the highest level. 

Joe Rogan learned BJJ from one of the elite coaches in BJJ and MMA. Eddie Bravo has coached numerous UFC fighters, including Tony Ferguson and Kelvin Gastellum. Because of this, it’s pretty safe to assume that Joe Rogan possesses an elite knowledge and skillset in BJJ. 

Joe Rogan also studied BJJ under legendary martial artist Jean-Jacques Machado. Jean-Jacques is an elite practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and nephew to the co-founder of BJJ Carlos Gracie. Carlos Gracie was also a grandmaster of BJJ and passed his knowledge on to his nephew. 

Did Joe Rogan Ever Compete in Competitive MMA Fights? 

Joe Rogan is an integral aspect of the UFC’s commentary team. Joe Rogan has been involved in mixed martial arts for decades and is often considered a legend among fans. But has Joe Rogan ever taken part in a competitive MMA fight, or does he only comment on fights? 

Joe Rogan never competed in competitive MMA fights, despite his multiple black belts. However, Joe Rogan was a successful Taekwondo practitioner in his late teens and early twenties, winning state and national championships. 

When Joe Rogan was in his twenties and fighting, MMA was in its infancy. As a result, fights were chaotic and somewhat more dangerous than with the present ruleset.

On top of this, the pay and publicity in MMA have grown massively in recent years. Back when Joe Rogan fought regularly, few trained fighters made the leap to MMA. This is a likely reason why Joe Rigan never fought in MMA. 

Did Joe Rogan Ever Fight in Kickboxing? 

Joe Rogan was and likely still is an excellent Taekwondo practitioner. Taekwondo is a martial art that focuses on kicks and punches during training. Another common form of fighting that follows these rules is kickboxing. Did Joe Rogan ever transfer his skills across from Taekwondo to kickboxing

Joe Rogan fought in amateur kickboxing. Joe Rogan has a record of 2 wins and 1 loss in amateur kickboxing competitions. Rogan stopped competing in kickboxing at age 21 after suffering from headaches, worrying about the risks of sustaining further damage. 

Many professional fighters experience long-term health effects as a result of fights. Blows to the head and injuries accumulate over a fighter’s career and seriously impact their quality of life. Joe Rogan was aware of this risk and chose a career in comedy to avoid suffering long-term health issues.

Another reason Joe Rogan stopped kickboxing is that his career as a comedian began to gain traction in his early 20s. Rogan figured that he could not succeed in fighting and comedy simultaneously. On top of this, the money involved in comedy is higher.

Rogan chose comedy and entertainment over kickboxing and fighting. Rogan did end up working in professional fighting, just as a commentator, not a competitor. 

How Many Years Has Joe Rogan Trained Martial Arts? 

Joe Rogan has trained in martial arts from a young age. Joe studied Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, BJJ, and kickboxing throughout his martial arts career. However, how many years exactly has Joe Rogan been a student of different fighting disciplines? 

Joe Rogan has trained in martial arts for over 40 years. Joe Rogan first started training in karate before moving to Taekwondo a few months later. Now in his mid 50’s, Joe Rogan has been training in various martial arts for over four decades. 

Joe Rogan’s vast experience in martial arts is clearly on display during his commentary on UFC events. Joe Rogan knowledgeably talks fans through different techniques and aspects of MMA matches in real-time.

Thanks to his mix of fighting knowledge and communication skills, Joe can transmit the nuances of fighting to non-expert audiences. This allows fans with less expertise to know what’s happening around the more technical elements of an MMA fight.

On top of Joe Rogan’s extensive fighting experience, he also has had a successful media and entertainment career. Rogan is a successful comedian and ex-host of the hit TV show Fear Factor. This further contributed to his successful commentary career in the UFC.

Is Dana White a Fighter? 

It’s hard to mention Joe Rogan without bringing the UFC boss Dana White into the conversation. Dana White has seen the UFC rise meteorically in recent years. However, has Dana White ever fought in the sport, or are his fight experiences primarily in the boardroom? 

Dana White was an amateur fighter. Dana White competed in amateur boxing matches in Boston. However, Dana White has never fought in MMA or professionally in any capacity. Dana White also taught exercise classes during his younger years before his employment with the UFC. 

Dana White has some experience training in boxing and other martial arts. He has used his many contacts in martial arts to train in a range of techniques. However, Dana primarily takes part in training to stay in shape and not compete. 

Final Thoughts 

Joe Rogan is one of the most famous individuals in professional fighting. Rogan is best known for his commentary on UFC events. However, Rogan also has plenty of fight experience himself. Joe Rogan had a successful amateur Taekwondo career, earning a black belt, before moving on to kickboxing. 

He spent years obtaining his BJJ black belt from legendary figures in the martial art. Joe Rogan is also trained in Muay Thai and Karate. With over 40 years of experience in training martial arts, Joe Rogan is a highly trained and skilled fighter despite never competing professionally. 

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