Have you ever wondered why boxing shorts are so high up on the waist? Why can’t they be down near your hips like regular fighting shorts? This question troubles many beginners, but lucky for you, we have the answer! So, why are boxing shorts so high up on the waist?

Boxing shorts are high up on the waist to psychologically limit the opponent’s target area. This is because hitting below the belt is illegal in boxing. Wearing high shorts makes it hard for your opponent to find legal punching targets.

Keep reading to learn all about boxing shorts and how to wear them!

How Do I Wear Boxing Shorts?

Make sure the waistband of the boxing shorts is tight. Why? Well, the tighter it is the more support and protection you get. Without the waistband properly fitted around your body, there’s a greater chance that it could slip down during combat or even worse fall off altogether!
Also, make sure the leg opening of the shorts is fitted around your thighs but not too tight. Why? Well, it’s important for there to be enough room so that you can bend and move freely during a fight.

Also make sure the leg opening of the shorts are fitted around your thighs but not too tight. Why? Well, it’s important for there to be enough room so that you can bend and move freely during a fight.

What Do You Wear Underneath Boxing Shorts?

Most boxers use groin protectors to protect themselves from low blows. Although low blows are not allowed in boxing, it’s still a good idea to protect yourself from accidents! Groin injuries can cause serious long-term health problems and even infertility. Trust us when we say that some discomfort now is worth avoiding the pain of an injury later on in life.

Boxers sometimes wear compression shorts underneath their boxing shorts. Compression shorts help promote blood flow and oxygenation to your muscles. This can enhance performance and reduce muscle fatigue.

Why Are Boxing Shorts So Baggy?

Boxing shorts are designed to be baggy for a few reasons. First, the extra fabric allows you to move and bend freely without experiencing any restrictions or tightness in your movements. This is important because the baggy shorts will not restrict any of your movements, but instead fall and move with you.

Second, since boxing is a high-intensity activity that can often result in sweating, it’s important to have room for air circulation. This allows heat from your body to escape more easily during intense exercises so you don’t overheat.

Third, boxing shorts are baggy to provide space for the groin protector. The groin protector is a vital piece of equipment that any boxer should wear. In fact, most amateur competitions require the use of a groin protector. The reason for this is to prevent injuries to the groin area that are extremely painful and can be career-ending. Boxing shorts are designed to house and fit comfortably around the groin protector.

The final reason boxing shorts are baggy is to provide advertising space for sponsors. Companies will pay money to have their brand or logo on a boxer’s shorts. This generates revenue for the fighter and the promoters. These costs can run into thousands of dollars per fight depending on whom you are fighting and how big the event is. Take for instance Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Logan Paul. Mayweather said he made thirty million dollars in sponsorship for that fight!

Boxing is an intense sport, so having a pair of baggy shorts that can accommodate all these needs will make sure that you are comfortable while giving it your best performance.

Why Do Boxers Pour Water Down Their Shorts?

Boxers will often pour water onto their shorts as a way to cool themselves off in between rounds. Failing to do so can result in overheating, which can lead to decreased performance. Pouring water on your shorts will help you stay cool in between rounds by drawing heat away from the body with evaporation.

This also has the added effect of preventing the fabric from sticking to their skin and causing discomfort. Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable during a fight, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay cool and comfortable!

Finally, pouring water down has the effect of making you alert. It can be tiring to go back and forth between rounds, so it’s important to stay alert during the fight. Pouring water on your shorts will help wake you up and make sure that you’re giving your best performance in all of your rounds.

Final Thoughts

In summary, boxing shorts are high up on the waist to psychologically limit their opponent’s target area. The higher the shorts, the less of a target area is available. However, do not overdo this and wear your shorts so high that you sacrifice the mobility of your legs, hips, or core. Which boxing shorts are you going to wear for your next training session?

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