One of the most striking features of fighters you see during matchups is their hairless bodies. The reason most fighters are hairless is that they typically shave their body hair before a fight. But why do fighters shave their bodies?

Fighters shave their bodies to reduce friction during fights. The reduced friction leads to a slippery body, allowing fighters to escape holds. Lack of body hair can also make deep-tissue massages more bearable. Some fighters feel lighter without body hair, while others shave to highlight muscles. 

This article will take a closer look at why fighters shave their bodies. You’ll also learn the best blades to use to get the best result.

Why Fighters Shave Their Bodies

Fighters shave their bodies for the following reasons:

Shaving Can Make a Fighter’s Body Slippery

Fighters shave their body to ensure very little friction between their body and the opponent’s hands or legs. With too much hair, the opponent’s hold and grapples can stick, increasing the chances of losing a fight.

Shaving body hair makes the body more slippery, especially with sweat. Since very fine margins decide some fights, the lack of body hair can ultimately improve a fighter’s chances of winning.

Shaving Can Reduce Contact-Induced Pain

Defending against grappling can be painful for fighters as the fighters’ muscles and skin intertwine. Hair on the body in that situation can increase the pain overall. Shaving can keep the pain down.  

It won’t change a lot as stressed muscles and bones are responsible for the bulk of the pain. However, in a competitive fight, every little advantage is helpful.

It’s Easier To Dress a Hairless Wounded Area

Cuts and bruises are common in most competitive fights. Shaving the body hair makes it easier for fighters to recuperate after a fight. Ripping off band-aids from hairy parts of the body covered in hair is already painful. 

Now, imagine how painful any wound on hairy skin can be when it’s time to clean it or change bandages. Therefore, shaving body hair is in the overall interest of the fighter. 

Shaving Makes Deep-Tissue Massages More Bearable

Fighters love deep tissue massages because it helps calm the nerves and speeds up muscle recovery time. However, the slow and very deep strokes during this type of massage can make the experience painful for fighters with body hair. 

Pulling at hairs during this process can cause highly uncomfortable stings. A hairless body makes the process a lot more comfortable.

Hairless Bodies Can Intimidate Opponents

Fighters go through rigorous training to keep their bodies in the condition to fight. The sheer magnitude of the training regimes means that many of them have well-sculptured bodies. What better way to show off the contours than getting rid of all body hair? 

A muscular fighter’s bulk is still visible even with the hair, but they look more intimidating without it. The psychological impact on an opponent can give a fighter some advantage. 

It’s a Sign of Respect to Their Opponents

It may give them a slight advantage, but some fighters prefer not to touch wet hair during fights. 

So, fighters often shave their bodies to look as neat as possible as a sign of respect to the opponent. Opinions may differ on this from one fighter to another, but it’s one of the reasons why some of them shave. 

Why Do Fighters Shave Their Heads?

Fighters shave their heads to make sure the hair doesn’t put them at a disadvantage during a fight. Long hair can get in the eyes and make neck holds more painful and harder to break. 

However, fighters with long hair who don’t want to shave completely often braid the hair to achieve similar impacts.

Some fighters also believe that shaving can put physics on their side, making them feel lighter and faster. There’s no scientific evidence of this relationship, but sometimes, the mindset of a fighter is all it takes to win a matchup. 

Must Competitive Fighters Shave Their Bodies?

Competitive fighters aren’t under compulsion to shave their bodies. There are no contractual requirements mandating fighters to shave their bodies or hai for wrestling, boxing, MMA, or karate.

Fighters decide what’s best for them. However, you’re unlikely to see competitive fighters in a competition without fully shaved bodies. Most of them shave for the reasons I’ve highlighted above.

Can Fighters Shave Without Help?

Fighters can shave without help, but most visit spas and massage parlors that offer body shaving as part of the package. Competitive fighters have a paid team on hand for this purpose.

If you’re a newbie fighter without a lot of money, you can pull out the blades and shave on your own. Focus on the main parts of the body like your chest, lower arms, stomach, back, neck, and legs.

How Fighters Shave Body Hair

Shaving body hair is trickier than shaving your facial hair or hair on the head. There are many contours, body ridges, and bony areas to navigate, which means you have to be very careful when shaving. 

The easiest method is wet shaving using the right brush. Most fighters exfoliate the skin and then shave in the direction of the hair to prevent any cuts and scars.

Best Body Shavers for Fighters

You need to go with a quality shaver to get the best results. The options below (all from are some of the best you can buy now.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

The Philips Norelco OneBlade trimmer and shaver is one of the best products you can use for body shaving. It’s designed to shave hairs of different lengths. The blade comes with the OneBlade technology, making it easier for the cutting bits to move up 200x in a few seconds.

With the dual protection system, you shave efficiently and in comfort. 

The product was designed for all kinds of shaving, including wet, dry, foam, and no foam shaving.

There are 2 blades in the box, so you can use the product for shaving both your face and body. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can shave continuously for an hour.


  • Rechargeable battery durable enough to power most body shaving sessions
  • A skin guard and 4 combs included in the package
  • Dual blades to support face and body shaving
  • Supports wet, dry, or foam shaving
  • Dual protection system ensures comfort and efficiency during shaving


  • Not the best for fast shaving
  • Battery gets weaker with every use

Telfun Body Trimmer for Men

The Telfun body trimmer is a high-quality battery-powered body shaver you should have in your bathroom bag as a fighter who needs regular body shaves. The cordless design allows you to shave, trim or style the hair on any part of your body. You can use it on your chest, stomach, underarms, shoulders, back, legs, and groin area.

The adjustable comb attached simplifies the shaving process. You can rely on it to do a perfect job for both long and short body hair. It’s completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about electrical damage after washing the head cutter. The battery lasts longer than an hour and doesn’t require regular replacement.


  • Strong and durable waterproof design
  • Cordless with a strong battery
  • Washable head cutter for hygienic cuts
  • Adjustable guide comb and a micro shave ensures thorough cuts


  • Groin trimmer is difficult to use
  • Product doesn’t come in proper product packaging

Philips BG105/10 Body Groom with Skin Protector Guards

The Philips BG105/10 is highly rated for its precision and shaving safety. It’s a highly efficient solution that allows you to shave in all directions, thanks to the excellent 3 mm (0.11 in) comb. 

The skin protection mechanism included makes the shaver one of the safest you can use regardless of your experience level.

Like other shavers in this category, it’s also waterproof and battery-powered. You can use it anywhere.


  • Battery-powered shaver
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof design
  • Close trimming in all directions supported
  • Unique skin protection system


  • Requires multiple passes to shave an area

baKblade Body Grooming – BODBLADE

The main selling point for the baKblade BODblade is the fact that it works without batteries. Think of it as an analog shaver that uses DRYglide cartridges to shave off body hair cleanly. The product features precision blades which make shaving sensitive parts of the body easier. 

The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable shave. 


  • Cordless shaver with no batteries
  • The precision blade increases efficiency when shaving tight spaces
  • The handle features an ergonomic design
  • The unique blade cartridges support clean and neat shaves


  • You need extra care for hard-to-reach areas
  • Not the most comfortable product to use for first-timers

Final Thoughts

Most fighters shave their body hair for several reasons. The bulk of them concern not giving any advantage to the opponent and making a recovery from bruises and cuts easier. Other reasons include showing respect to the opponent and showing off muscles to intimidate opponents.

If you’re a budding fighter, it’s clear that shaving your body hair is important. Your trainers will talk about the topic in more detail and recommend spas to visit for your shave. Don’t forget to buy a quality body shaving blade you can trust at all times.